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Cedar Grove Junior Baseball & Softball League Parent and Spectators Code of Conduct

The Cedar Grove Junior and Softball league reserves the right to suspend or banish any person or persons acting in a disorderly or unsportsmanlike manner from the events of the league. An act of disorderly conduct is not limited to the verbal or physical abuse of fans, coaches, players, umpires and officers of the league, or the consumption of alcohol as defined in Article XV in the by-Laws, or any other act that is detrimental to the league or its name. A hearing of suspension will be held at a special meeting attended by the Executive Officers, league commissioner, managers of both teams and the umpire if necessary participating in the event when the act occurred. Both oral and written notice will be given to the offender of the league's decision. The offender has the right to appeal that decision within 48 hours of their notification to the Steering Committee. There is no appeal to any violations of Article XV of the by-laws.