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Pee Wee Baseball Rules



Game Rules:

  • No Winning or Losing - This is strictly teaching the fundamentals of baseball. Runs do not count.
  • Swing limit - Each batter will be allowed 7 swings. After 7 swings, the tee must come out.
  • Running Bases - 1 base at a time unless it’s a base hit that lands in the outfield, if the hitter can take 2 bases he may do so. If it’s a groundball into the outfield, only 1 base. If the hit is off a tee, that can also only be one base.
  • Fielders - 6 infielders is the max at all times (C, P, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B). Everyone else is an outfielder. They must be positioned on the grass.
  • Outs - After 3 outs are recorded, clear the bases and continue with the batting order until all kids have batted.
  • Games are 3 full innings
  • Rotate Positions - Have all the kids play every position throughout the season. The child playing 1B must know how to get his glove up and protect himself.
  • Coaches - can be out on the field along with their fielders. Your job is to make sure the kids are paying attention at all times. Also, keep reminding them which base they are supposed to throw to.

What coaches teach:

  • Proper throwing motion
  • Proper hitting technique (during games, have the coach that is catching adjust the batter if needed)
  • Catching – including grounders and popups
  • Base running – try to get the kids to understand when to run through the base and when to take a turn towards the next base.
  • Defensively – ready position when the pitch is being thrown and know where to go with the ball in different scenarios.