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CGJBSL Coaching Obligations

As a Head or Assistant Coach in Cedar Grove Junior Baseball & Softball League, I understand that my obligations to the League and team involves more than just showing up for a game.

League Obligations:

  1. Obtain a background check as required by the Township of Cedar Grove
  2. To attend a course certification course offered through the League with NYSCA, or outside the league through Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y.
  3. To keep my certifications active
  4. To attend coaching clinics offered by the CGJBSL
  5. To ensure that my team shows up for League events including Opening Day and Team Picture Day, whether they are purchasing a picture package or not. A team picture is one way that the League shows our sponsors that we appreciate their support.
  6. To enlist the support of all my team's parents for their assistance in field setup, cleanup, etc. during the course of the season.

Team Obligations:

  1. To hold as many practices as possible before and during the season. Remember we are an instructional league. Keep practices structured and keep all players involved.
  2. To treat each player equally and fairly with the understanding that teaching and skill development is our primary goal.
  3. To ensure that each player participates in all games and plays the required number of innings as specified in CGJBSL' s rules and regulations.
  4. To notify ALL players of any change in the game and/or practice schedule
  5. To respect my team's and the opposing team's players and coaches
  6. To respect the umpire and not engage in a fight with the umpire no matter the situation
  7. To set an example for the players about sportsmanship, fairness, commitment and dedication.

Game/Practice Obligations:

  1. Remind your players to drink water before, during, and after practices and games
  2. Make sure only coaches and players are in the dugouts. No spectators, they are not insured.
  3. Never leave a player unattended after a practice or game no matter how inconvenient
  4. Report to the League if any child is left alone on a regular basis
  5. Equipment boxes should be kept clean, they are not trash receptacles. Make sure all equipment is put away and the box is locked
  6. Maintain medical kits, report to your commissioner if there are shortages
  7. After games and practices rake the pitchers mound and bases and drag the field
  8. Field should be policed after practices and games. Pick-up bottles, wrappers, cups, etc.
  9. Report any damage or problems to your league commissioner
  10. Gates at fields should be closed and/or locked after use
  11. Report any injuries no matter how minor they may seem
  12. Return all equipment to League Commissioner immediately at the conclusion of the season
  13. All equipment must be cleaned before returning