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The CGJBSL has a strong tradition of fairness and responsibility to its players. As our program continues to improve and expand, we feel that it is important to inform our players of what is expected of them by the league.
The CGJBSL feels strongly that a player who signs up for its program should be committed to his or her team and teammates. Missing practices and/or games has an impact on not only the player but also the team. Baseball is a team sport with each member being a very important part of the team's success.
The CGJBSL will continue its traditional approach that every player showing a commitment to his or her team will play in each game. Those players who regularly miss practice and/or games, and who do not inform the coach in advance, and who do not show a commitment to their team through their actions, cannot expect that they will play in a game the same amount as a player who shows up all the time. This approach teaches players about responsibility and being fair to teammates.

  1. I will do my best. If l do not get a hit or I make an error, I will know I have tried my best.
  2. I will be committed to my team. Missing games or practices or leaving early hurts my team and my development as a player.
  3. I will be on time for games and practices.I will tell my coach in advance if I am to miss a game or practice or if I will be late.
  4. I will concentrate and listen to my coaches.
  5. I will accept responsibility for my actions. If I make a mistake, it is up to me to learn from my mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect.
  6. I will not compare myself to other people. No two people have the same level of ability or experience.
  7. I will give support to my teammates during games and practices. I will encourage them in their hitting, fielding, catching, and base running.
  8. I will treat my fellow teammates and opposing players with respect, whether we win or lose. I understand that a team that plays together as a TEAM has a real advantage over one that does not.
  9. I will not cause a fight, call anyone names or use profanity.
  10. I will show respect to all coaches and umpires. I will not be upset with any umpire during a game.
  11. I will treat the equipment supplied to me by the league in a respectful manner and will help cleanup the field after a game or practice.