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Baseball - Intermediates Rules



  1. The batting order shall have as many positions as there are players present for the game. Any late arrivals must be added at the bottom of the order imme­diately before the start of the next complete inning. No player will bat twice before all other players have batted.
  2. There will be nine players in the field. If a player is injured at bat and can­not continue, the next batter will finish that at bat with the same count as the injured batter. This substituted batter will skip his/her regular turn at bat. If the injured batter cannot continue, his/her position in the order will be skipped. If a base runner is injured, the player having made the last out will replace him/her.
  3. No player currently in 6th Grade (or younger) will be permitted to play in the Intermediate League.
  4. Pitchers mounds must be a regulation distance of 60' 6".
  5. 90 foot base paths will be used.
  6. Leading from any base is permitted.
  7. All games are seven (7) innings unless called by the umpire. Teams may play six (6) inning games in April by mutual agreement.
  8. A game becomes official after four innings (3 1/2 if the home team is leading).
  9. Suspended regulation game must continue from the point of suspension. A suspended game will be considered a tie game after four or more innings. You do not have to keep fielders at the same positions. Pitching rules do prevail.
  10. A game called before its completion will revert back to the last complete inning unless rule #8 applies.
  11. Pitching eligibility is July 31st. This will allow a 15 year old to pitch within this guideline. This rule will be subject to a vote each year.
  12. All players must play a minimum of 3 innings in the field. At early season games when less than 7 full innings are played the players not receiving a full 3 innings must start the following game.
  13. Scorebooks must be filled out prior to the start of the game. The scorebook should show all players in attendance. Insist upon this from the opposing manager. It is a MUST.
  14. We will follow a 12 game schedule with makeup games. Games missed should be completed within the same week.
  15. Pitching Rules:
    1. A player who throws more than 20 pitches must have one calendar day of rest.
    2. A player may pitch a maximum of nine innings for the calendar week.
    3. The maximum number of innings that one can pitch in a single game will be 3.
    4. Beginnng with the first Monday of May, the balk rule is in effect after the 1st warning. REMINDER: THE CALENDAR WEEK RUNS FROM MONDAY THROUGH SUNDAY!
    5. Delivery of a single pitch constitutes an inning pitched.
    6. A player shall not be returned to the mound after having been removed as the pitcher in a game, even if that player was placed in another position. A pitcher who was removed from the mound cannot return to the mound if the game is suspended and continued at a later date. A pitcher who has pitched in the game prior to the game being suspended cannot return to the mound on the rescheduled date.
    7. Pitchers cannot wear white, gray, or any other light colored under shirt, any reflective ornaments, batting gloves, or white wristbands while pitching.
    8. Pitchers may pitch in both games of a doubleheader providing that the innings pitched and games played are uninterrupted (the time between games cannot exceed 15 minutes and the pitcher must finish the first game and start the second). The nine inning per week rule still applies.
    9. Pitching rules apply during the regular season, playoffs and World Series, except for the following - No player is allowed to pitch more than nine innings for the entire series, regardless of the number of days required to complete the series.

  16. Coaches should review and adhere to the following:
  17. Forfeit time is 20 minutes after scheduled starting time. Refer to current schedule for starting times and field assignments.
  18. Rainouts or postponements will be rescheduled for the first open date within the same week by the League Commissioner. The home team manager is responsible for notifying the Commissioner within 24 hours of the postponement as to afford the Commissioner ample time to reschedule the game and umpires. The home team manager is responsible for notifying the visiting team manager of the rescheduled date immediately. At the discretion of the Com­missioner, failure to play a rescheduled game will result in a forfeit.
  19. A legal team can be fielded with minimum of eight players.
  20. Violation of the substitution of pitching eligibility rules can result in forfei­ture of the game in which the violation occurs.
  21. Cups must be worn by all catchers.
  22. Batting helmets must be worn on the base paths.
  23. Players warming up pitchers must wear a catcher's mask.
  24. There is no limit as to the number of pitchers a team may use during any one game. All other pitching rules must be adhered to.
  25. Only the manager, assistant coaches, or uniformed players are allowed in the coaching boxes.
  26. In the event of poor field conditions or adverse weather and prior to the official start of a game, the two managers must agree to start the game. Once the game has begun, the umpire's decision as to whether or not to continue will be final.
  27. Umpires and managers shall discuss ground rules prior to commencement of the game. It is the responsibility of the managers to communicate this infor­mation to the coaching staff and players.
  28. No single player shall sit for more than three innings in any one game. If a player does not play 3 innings due to weather or injury, he/she must start the next game. If there is sufficient reason, injury, discipline, etc., to deviate from this rule, the manager wishing to deviate must obtain the consent of the oppos­ing manager before the game begins. This consent must be communicated to the umpire who will initial each teams scorebook. If the injury or disciplinary action occurs during the game, the manager must discuss his intent with the other manager and obtain the other managers consent prior to commencement of the next inning. The umpire must be notified as stated above. (Darkness will be classified as weather)
  29. With two outs and the catcher, pitcher or new relief pitcher on base, a pinch runner may be used to allow them time to suit-up or warm up for the next inning. The pinch runner must be the player having made the last out. The pinch run­ners time does not count toward his/her three-inning minimum playing time
  30. Metal spikes may not be used at anytime
  31. All other ethics rules used in both the minor and major leagues will also apply to the intermediate league

NOTE: All prior rules mentioned are in addition or substitution of the most current official High School Rules, which will apply for this league.