9U Summer Travel Baseball Rules

2021 Cedar Grove

9 and Under Summer Baseball League

Rules and Regulations

Listed below are specific rules to best serve the development of skills, competition and sportsmanship.

  1. Age - No player shall reach his 10th birthday before May 1, 2021.
    1. If a player's age is challenged, his team shall show acceptable proof of age to the opposite team (copy of birth certificate).
  2. Roster - All rosters must be handed in to the league administrator before the start of the season. No player shall be on two rosters.
  3. Baseballs - The home team shall provide at least two new baseballs per game, preferably leather covered.
  4. Base coaches - Adults must be used.
    1. Coaches - No more than 3 coaches in the dugout and a scorekeeper.
    2. Adult coaches may warm up the pitcher.
  5. Pitching Regulations - A pitcher may pitch no more than three innings in any one game. No player may return to pitch after he has been removed as a pitcher. Delivery of a single pitch constitutes an inning pitched.
    1. No balks will be called
    2. Once the pitcher receives the ball from the catcher on the mound area, the runner(s) must either advance to the next base or return to their last base occupied.
  6. Trips to Mound - The Second visit to the same pitcher in the same inning will result in the pitcher's removal as a pitcher.
  7. Number of Players - When a player has to leave the game due to injury, illness, or for personal reasons, as long as the team does not fall below (8) players (7 players constitutes a forfeit), the umpire shall not call an out at the players subsequent turns at bat. This is assuming that there is no one else on the bench who can play. For those players who need to leave the game before its conclusion for personal reasons, the coach of the other team and game umpire must be notified before the start of the game. However, a team abusing this rule to its advantage may be subject to a protest.
  8. Extra Hitter - An EH (Extra Hitter, you may use up to 2 in your line-up) or DH (Designated Hitter) in the line-up will be optional. The EH (s) may play in the field, but only nine players will be allowed in the field at any one time. He/she may bat in any position, but that position may not change during the game. He may be pinch-hit for and then re-enter according to the substitution rule. If no EH starts the game, it cannot be entered after going through the line-up.
  9. Batting Through The Line-Up - It is optional for a team to bat through their line-up. If another player comes late (after a team has batted through their line-up), he/she must be used as a substitute. See substitution rule.
  10. Substitution Rule - Free substitution within the same batting spot…once defined (can be at any time), that batting spot is locked in …example, A can go in for B and vice versa with no limitations on frequency, however, at no time can A & B play in the field at the same time. In free substitution, you cannot just have a player hit and the other player just play the field unless you are using a DH.
  11. Bat Size - USA Baseball Marking 2 5/8" Barrel Maximum NO BBCOR BATS
  12. Dropped Third Strike - A dropped third strike is an out, and not live.
  13. Stealing - Stealing is allowed at 2nd and 3rd base only. There is no stealing of home. No advance to home on a pass ball, wild pitch or overthrow back to the pitcher or 3rd base on the steal from the catcher.
  14. Infield Fly - The infield fly rule shall apply.
  15. Bunting - There is no bunting allowed
  16. Scoring - There will be a 5 run cap per inning. After the 5th run has scored the inning is over. The 5 run cap is not in effect from the 6th inning on
  17. Runners - Cannot intentionally barrel over a catcher or baseman. In the umpire's judgment, a runner can be called out for interference. Slide or avoid rules apply.
  18. Backstop Area - Players, coaches and fans are not permitted to hover around the backstop area…please give room to the batter and allow the pitcher to only view the batter, catcher and umpire.
  19. Speed Up Rule - A catcher may be removed from the bases for another runner when there are two out. The runner can be the last out or a bench player. If a bench player is used, it will not account as time played.
  20. Extra Innings - The game should be played to completion if possible. If game is called due to darkness with score tied, game is officially a tie. If game is called in the middle of an inning due to darkness, rain, etc., score reverts back to previous inning.
  21. Stopping A Game - A game halted due to weather or darkness at the end of a complete inning, but short of an official game shall be continued from that point at a later time.
  22. Stopping A Game - A game halted due to weather or darkness at the end of a complete inning and it is an official game shall be declared over. If in the middle of an inning, the score reverts back to the previous inning. If not an official game, refer to rule #19.
  23. Lightning - Thirty-minute rule - Once lightning has been recognized, the game will be halted, and you must remove your team from the playing area and seek a safe area to wait (see Guidelines for Lightning Safety). Any subsequent lightning or thunder after the beginning of the first 30-minute count will reset the clock one more time. Any more lightning or thunder after that will result in immediate cancellation of a game; refer to rule #19 or #20.
  24. Umpires - The home team shall pay for at least one carded umpire. No umpire shall be related to any player or coach. All umpires must be carded. Every effort should be made to have two carded umpires at all playoff games.
  25. Games - 6 inning games, 3 ½ = official game. Weekday games shall begin at 6:00 PM and weekend games shall begin at 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM unless home team decides different.
    1. Night games under the lights are permitted, but should be agreed upon with the visitors in advance.
  26. Mercy Rule - A 12 run differential is in effect after the losing team has batted 4 times. Mercy rule does not apply during playoffs.
  27. Cancellation - In the event a game is canceled, the opposing coaches will set a makeup date agreeable to them both. Games should be made up within one week. If both teams cannot come up with a mutual date, the league administrator will select the date of the game.
  28. Standings - Standings will be done on a point system - 3 points for a win, 2 point for a tie, and 1 for playing the game.

Please have fun and enjoy the games. The purpose of this league is to offer a higher level of play and maintain the number one priority - TO HAVE FUN